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Founder, Photographer
My first camera was a Polaroid SX-70 instant camera back in the 1970s. Since then, I love taking photos that capture our everyday lives. Because of this passion, I earned my graduate degree in urban planning and started out using film cameras to capture street scenes, people and various moments that create our urban fabric.

For every photo I shoot, I see an opportunity to capture time, emotions and inspiration. Whether it is Polaroid, film or digital, I want to create a timeless piece of art that will be treasured for many years to come.I am truly inspired by my beautiful wife and 2 lovely children. Since then, I have helped many couples and families in the GTA to photograph their weddings, family events and special occasions. I understand the stress, joy and excitement of planning and organizing a wedding or any party for any special occasion. This is where I can provide you with my insights and experiences to help you capture memories that will last a lifetime.

With this philosophy, I want to help you – our clients. I want to put together a series of beautiful images that capture the essence of your special day – whether it is your wedding day, birthday parties, or any special events and celebrations. I want to make sure you and your guests can truly enjoy every moment of your wonderful day.

Contact Kevin at: info@135mm.photography

Staff Photographer
The magic of photography has not only intrigued me, but the translation from the click of the shutter to a finished image has always amazed me. I vividly recall my first attempt in the darkroom, seeing a blank sheet of photographic paper slowly reveal the latent image, albeit washed by a red safe-light. Waiting for the fixer to perform its intended task seemed like an eternity and finally the image was seen for the first time in natural light – amazing!

I transitioned from black & white to colour and a Nikon F3 was my original affordable choice of camera. However, through life’s many strange and inexplicable twists and turns, photography took an unwanted back seat for a number of years.

In recent years, through changing circumstance, I have been afforded many opportunities to travel and my trusty Nikon cameras accompany me on every occasion. Today I shoot with a Nikon D850. A selection of genuine Nikon lenses ranging from 12mm through to 200mm complement my "shooting arsenal". As far as lens selection goes, my preference is“the sharper the better” and an eclectic range of images always tantalize my shutter finger.

Contact Dan at: dan@135mm.photography

Staff Videographer
Mike has been a part of the film and television industry for more than five years. Mike first showed interest in film when he was in his teens, having made short films of his own and attending a year of film school. He enjoys working behind the camera, but even more so in front of it.

Mike has been pursuing a film acting career, having worked on network shows, shorts and feature-length films. Therefore, he has a well rounded view of both sides of the industry.

Mike enjoys bringIng stories to life with his Canon 5D Mark IV through video, always believing there is a story to be told, whether it is in one minute or one hour.

Mike continues to hone his craft as an actor, while continuing to collaborate with his fellow artists to breathe life into a story.

email: video@135mm.photography

Vai Yu
Staff Photographer
Vai Yu is a storyteller, seeker and a dreamer. Vai Yu is such a dreamer and a hopeless romantic, too! Vai Yu has always been a creative person, and inspiration comes from the environment or wonderful people she has been surrounded in. She loves the outdoor wilderness and enjoys watching the sunrise a few times, but watching the sunset every time in different places where ever she travels. Vai Yu specializes in wedding photography and has been capturing these special moments for couples for over 5 years.

Contact Vai Yu at: vaiyu@135mm.photography

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